Who is Gemini Official? Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Drama

Who is Gemini Official

Gemini official is a popular TikToker. This famous video platform provides plenty of opportunities for talented creators. He is one such TikTok star with 3 million followers. Further, Gemini official TikTok star had 100k followers in September 2020. In October, many followed him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. However, maliciously using TikToker is common among many youths.

Also, Gemini official is facing some issues regarding his relationship with a minor girl. Due to drama and plenty of accusations, his account is now in private. Further, it is causing a downfall of followers for Gemini. Many of the fans predict that he will soon leave Tik Tok due to his disturbing behaviour. Let us see more about the official Gemini bio, net worth, girlfriend and drama.

Who is Gemini Official?

Gemini Official Tiktoker

Gemini official is a 20-year-old famous tiktoker born and brought up in America. His parents are known as Paul Bryant Gemini and Shannon. The father of Gemini has experience in acting and theater in Louisiana. The total number of followers of Gemini on Tik tok is 3 million. Also, the average record of like’s for every new post is known as 116 million. Further, his humour and good content videos started gaining much popularity.

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His full real name is still unknown. Gemini goes by his Tik tok handle name, and he has no plans to reveal his real name. As a kid, he had exceptional athletic talents. Gemini is known as a member of a competitive rowing team. Playing soccer for the school team is one of his favourite things. The hobby of Gemini is travelling and exploring the world. Also, he has many ties with other famous Tiktoker, such as commander canned.

Gemini Official Quick Wikis/ Bio

Name Gemini Official
Nick Name Gemini
Profession(s) TikToker and Social Media Star
Birth Year June 29, 2000
Age 21 Years (As of 2021)
Famous as Tiktoker
Gender Male
Birthplace (Native) United States
Nationality Amarican
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Net Worth $ 200,000
Father Name Paul Bryant Gemini
Mother Name Shannon
Marital Status Unmarried

Girlfriend, drama and accusations

The TitTok is flooded with views about Gemini official interaction with minor girls. Many of his fans are unhappy about his behavior on the social platform. The Gemini’s drama began when he wanted to face time Rubytheawesometurd handle. Misbehaving with minor girls is the major accusation against Gemini. He wanted to hang out with the 16-year minor girl on Airbnb.

Flirting with a 16-year-old resulted in plenty of backslash among the fans. However, many of the fans even accused Ruby that she is doing everything for clout. After a few days of negative comments, Ruby deleted her Tik tok account. The drama continues as 15 years old comes forward with another accusation.

Moreover, Gemini officials invited the 15 year old for a video creator meeting. His inappropriate behavior in the hotel room with the 15-year-old is disturbing. He constantly pressured the girl to hang out with him. After this story, more minor girls came forward to record accusations on Gemini officials. Many people were furious about this behavior of Gemini with minor girls and trashed him on social platforms.

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Gemini official Apology

Gemini official Apology

Gemini officials started to post plenty of apology videos on Tik Tok. After the backlash of many fans, he finally addressed this issue. In his apology video, he said that he was unaware of the girl’s age and she is a minor. Also, he tried to contact the girl even after knowing her age. He apologized to the victim, her parents and other content creators affected by this drama.

He further added, did not expect any of this to happen. Also, he made the situation worse by manipulating the story. He accepts that his actions are disgusting and disturbing. Also, the girl can take any legal action if she wants as he is ready to provide all the details. The new information shows that the Gemini Official account is now banned from Tik tok.

His Carer and Net Worth

Gemini is an official TikTok star. He began to receive much fame through his tiktok videos. Also, his comedy talent and acting talent is the reason for his popularity. Participating in duet challenges helped him to use his theater acting skills. He is a trained actor from the northwestern state of Louisiana. The net worth of Gemini officials for the year 2020 is estimated as 200 thousand dollars.

Gemini officials enjoyed a short span of popularity in the tiktok platform. His real name, dating life is private. However, his behavior with minor girls has led to plenty of controversies.

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