Pink Sparkles Biography, Career, Dating Life and Twitch Ban

Pink Sparkles Biography

Pink sparkles is a Canadian actor who is a famous YouTuber, Twitch Steamer and social media influencer. Posting quality content on YouTube is gaining her much popularity. Also, live streaming games on Twitch are making her the popular twitch personality. Most of the videos of sparkles on YouTube are about beauty products. She is well known as a beautiful Vlogger. Her post about hair, makeup, cosmetics and beauty products is a hit on YouTube.

She runs two successful YouTube channels known as PinkBarbieDolly and SockZSbarbie. Further, due to her rising prominence, fans want to know more details about Pink sparkles. It is the right place to know about her career, dating life, and why was Sparkles banned from Twitch?

Who is Pink Sparkles?

Who is Pink Sparkles

Pink Sparkles is from Poland born on May 17th 1990. Now she resides in California with her family. She is well known as a Twitch steamer among her fans. Her game live streaming, such as Fortnite, League of Legends and Wow made her famous on twitch. Samantha Tomlensen is the real name of Pink Sparkles. Also, she now has plenty of followers on Instagram. Sparkles Twitch journey starts in October with 933 K followers.

Before coming to California Pink was a teacher in Poland. In California, she began her career as a game streamer on the Twitch platform. As a teenager, she was passionate about the gaming world. It is the key reason for establishing her career in Twitch.

Moreover, Pink Sparkles does not reveal anything about her personal life on social platforms. However, her mother’s name is known as Stacey. Pink has two siblings, her younger sister Chelsea and brother Derek. She collaborates with Derek on her sockZSbarbie channel. In recent years, she is known for her adult content on various social platforms.

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Her Quick Wikis/ Bio

Real Name Samantha Tomlensen
Nick Name Pink
Profession(s) Twitch Steamer, Gamer, Instagram, YouTuber and Social Media Star
Birth Year May 2, 1995
Age 26 Years (As of 2021)
Famous as Twitch Steamer
Gender Female
Birthplace (Native) Canada
Nationality Canadian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Religion Christian
Net Worth $ 500,000
Father Name
Mother Name
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse Asmongold

Career and social media presence

Pink Sparkles enjoys her social media popularity. Her career starts as a teacher in Poland and ends as a social media star. She has more than 1.1 million subscribers on the twitch platform. Pink sparkles are one of the prominent social influencers in this decade. Further, she has utilized various social handles to earn and raise her popularity. She uploaded her first YouTube video in 2010. 3 quick hairstyles are the title of her first YouTube video.

From then on, she began to receive plenty of attention from teenagers. There are thousands of women followers for Pink on Instagram and YouTube. Her beauty tips are valuable to female followers. An average of 150 views is recorded for her YouTube videos. Her “most epic present ever” video on YouTube received screaming views of 6.7 million.

Dating and personal life

Asmongold and Pink Sparkles

As of now, pink sparkles is not dating, and she is single. Her dating life is off the light. She is known for her private personal and dating life. However, her relationship with Dahtlyn and Zack is known among the fans. Dahtlyn collaborated with Pink on her YouTube videos.

However, the couple is no longer dating. In 2018, she started to date Zack “The World of Warcraft” steamer. He is well known as Asmon gold. Pink sparkles and Zack are the popular streamer couples on Twitch. On December 12th 2019, it is known that the couple split. Pink is suffering from depression and was unhappy in her relationship. Later, the reason for the split is regarding personal issues between the couple.

Why were Pink Sparkles banned from Twitch?

In 2020, there was much confusion about why were Pink Sparkles was banned from Twitch? It was later revealed that promoting adult content on the platform was the reason for the ban. The contents posted by Sparkles are inappropriate and breaking the Twitch platform guidelines. Further, the temporary ban of the Pink’s account on Twitch is a shock for many. The revealing photos of her body on Pink Sparkles only fans account was linked with Twitch. However, the account was restored after 24 hours of the ban.

The Canadian star gained much popularity as a Twitch live streamer. Twitch helped her to earn money through paid partnerships, sponsors and ads. Also, her popularity as a Twitch star earned her a net worth of $500,000. Pink sparkles continue as a popular Twitch streamer, YouTuber and social media influencer. Also, she does not speak anything about the ad account ban. The twitch account ban has created much controversy on social platforms. 

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