Mor Shapiro Biography

Mor Shapiro Biography: All about Ben Shapiro’s wife

Mor Shapiro is a medical practitioner in Los Angeles, America. She is from Israel and now lives with her popular husband in California. Mor’s only connection to the media is through her husband, Ben Shapiro. He is a well known political commentator, lawyer and writer. She has an interest in behavioural health, women’s health and resident education. 

There is much information about Ben Shapiro on the internet. His open comments about politics and other events are controversial. Recently, his comment about racism, Oprah’s Winfrey interview and Jimmy Kimmel has been the talk of the town. Due to these comments, the family of Ben Shapiro is in the limelight. However, Mor Shapiro leads a quiet life as a medical practitioner in California. Due to Ben Shapiro, many are searching for new information about Ben Shapiro’s wife and kids.

Who is Mor Shapiro?

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Who is Mor Shapiro

She is living in California, pursuing her passion as a medical professional. She went to the University of California to earn an Md degree. Now she is a resident in MD and works in Kaiser Foundation hospital in California. Apart from her medical achievements, Mor is better known as the spouse of Ben Shapiro. She holds masters in psychobiology. Also, she has much interest in learning mind-body relationships. 

She started to gain media attention due to Ben Shapiro. Her research on early brain development and neuroscience is commendable in the medical world. However, she is a successful medical professional working in California. 

Early and personal life 

Mor Shapiro spent her childhood in Israel. Her family is of Jewish-Moroccan origin. Moving to California at the age of 12 helped her to pursue education. Also, soon after the move, attending David Geffen School of medicine provides her with much exposure to the medical world. 

Singing is one of the passions of her also; she is a part of the Cappella group. Arts and crafts are other hobbies of Mor in school days. Now she enjoys seeing favourite shows with their family. Binge-watching is her favourite hobby.

Mor Shapiro’s Marriage with Ben Shapiro

Mor Shapiro's Marriage with Ben Shapiro

Opera singer Abigail Shapiro is a good friend of her. Abigail’s younger sister is Ben Shapiro. Mor Shapiro met Ben Shapiro during her college days in California. Due to Abigail, both Mor and Ben met in 2007. After one year of dating, the couple married in a posh Jewish ceremony. After the marriage, Ben even put up a post on social media saying he is married. He is 24, and his wife is 20 years old. 

Further, he added that with God’s help, their family would be healthy and happy. During an interview, Ben Shapiro revealed that his wife was still doing college after marriage. However, he got a job offer in New York, and she came to support him in the city. The couple experiences a loveable marriage life with two children. 

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In 2014, the first child of Mor and Ben Shapiro was born. Unfortunately, the first girl child of the couple had a heart defect. Their girl child’s name is Leeya Elaina. She was operated on two times for heart surgery. Ben and Mor are spiritual people and he always showed thankfulness to god. Also, in 2016 the couple had another boy child. Their married life seems to be happy with two children. 

Controversies and media attention

Mor Shapiro and her kids receive media attention due to her husband, Ben Shapiro. The political commentator makes several comments in a talk show that end up in controversy. Apart from this, she does not have any controversies related to personal life. 

The professional life of Ben Shapiro is the crucial reason for the family’s media attention. Ben Shapiro’s reading of Cardi B song’s lyrics creates a buzz on the internet. Also, he read the WAP Lyrics on his daily show he commented that “this is what feminist movement” is all about. Further, added comments with sarcasm saying feminism is not about women being treated as independent and rounded human beings. Many fans agree that Cardi B’s WAP song portrays feminism in a bad light. 

Also, many fans agree with Ben Shapiro and find his comment funny. Moreover, Ben Shapiro includes his wife in his tweet, saying that the song requires the diagnosis of his medical wife. Due to this comment, the internet was flooded with searches about her. 

It is the first time that Ben Shapiro reveals that his wife is a doctor. Many fans find the comments of Ben Shapiro and his song diagnosis impressive. Also, the Cardi B WAP song was over the top for many fans. All these controversies lead to more media attention to Mor Shapiro. 

Ben Shapiro’s disagreement with Jimmy Kimmel 

Ben Shapiro’s disagreement with Jimmy Kimmel about health insurance coverage is controversial. All this started when Jimmy Kimmel’s newborn son’s diagnosis with heart surgery in the same hospital as Ben Shapiro’s daughter. Kimmel went to record an emotional video about this incident. 

Also, he continuously shows his opposition to the GOP bill that replaces Obamacare. Ben Shapiro did show his disagreement with Kimmel promoting Obamacare and linking it to federal funding. Also, he accused that making the personal story a public issue is not good. Ben Shapiro revealed that he and Mor Shapiro had health insurance before they were parents

He added that it is Kimmel’s mistake not to have any health insurance, and the doctors are not to blame for that. Also, his daughter was diagnosed in the same hospital as Kimmel, the son received exceptional health care coverage. The conflict between the two talk show hosts continued for many days. Ben Shapiro even invited Kimmel for debate, but he refused. Due to all these comments by Ben Shapiro, his wife, and the kids received limelight. 

Net worth 

Mor Shapiro is a successful medical practitioner. She is a hardworking medical professional with plenty of achievements. Her total net worth is estimated as 200k per year. However, her popular spouse’s net worth is $2 million. Now let us see all the facts about Ben Shapiro’s wife. 

Frequently Asked Questions About her

Question: Who is Mor Shapiro? 

Answer: Mor Shapiro is a medical practitioner in LA, California. Also, she is the wife of popular political commentator Ben Shapiro. 

Question: Why is she famous? 

Answer: She is famous due to Ben Shapiro’s controversial comments about political and recent events. However, there are not many controversies about her due to her personal life. 

Question: What is her total net worth? 

Answer: Mor Shapiro is a medical practitioner with a network earning 200k per year. 

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