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To begin with, Dorýs Madden is the wife of a celebrity. Further, Julius Erving is the husband of Dorýs Madden. Julius is a famous NBA player in America. Furthermore, Dory is the second wife of Julius Erving. Lastly, Dory is nineteen years younger than Julius. Also, Dory is the mother of three beautiful children. Read through the article to learn more about Dory Madden. The article will include information about the birth, early and personal life of Dory.

Who is Dorýs Madden?

As mentioned previously, Dorýs Madden is the wife of a celebrity. Dory is married to a retired NBA player. The name of her husband is Julius Winfield Erving. Further, Julius is famously known as Dr J by his fans. Also, Dory is the second wife of the professional basketball player Julius.

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Furthermore, Dory’s Madden was earlier called Dory L. Ramirez. Apart from being the wife of Julius, Dory is also a businesswoman. She is also famous in the media for being married to Julius. Lastly, Julius and Dory have three beautiful children together.

Julius Erving Wife Dory Madden

Dory’s Madden Quick Wikis/ Bio

NameDorýs Madden
Nick NameDory’s
Other NameDory’s L. Ramirez
Birth YearOctober 17, 1969
Age51 Years (As of 2021)
Famous asJulius Erving Wife’s
Birthplace (Native)Tegucigalpa, Honduras, New York, United States
Zodiac Sign
Net Worth$ 50 Million
Father Name
Mother Name
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJulius Erving

A note on Dorýs Madden early life and education life

In the first place, Dorýs was born in the year 1969. Further, Dorýs Madden full date of birth is 17th October 1969. As per her date of birth, Dory age is fifty-one years old. Furthermore, the birth of Julius Erving’s wife took place in Honduras. Honduras is a beautiful country in Central America close to the Caribbean Sea. Lastly, Dorýs Madden belongs to the Libra zodiac sign. Coming to the family life of Dory, she belongs to a beautiful family in Honduras.

Furthermore, she spent most of her childhood with her family and friends. Also, Dory had a good time with her friends in her hometown. Dory and her family belong to American – European nationality. Finally, Dory had a simple and happy childhood in her hometown. As far as her education life goes, Dory did her schooling in Honduras. Further, Dory went to a local high school in her hometown. Later on, she attended Instituto-Central Vicente-Caceres.

She completed her graduation from the university in 1988. After completing her education Dory moved to America for work. In the early stages of her career, Dory worked in the tobacco industry. Further, she was working as a retail dealer for tobacco products. Later on, she met Julius and moved to Florida. Currently, Dory is leading a happy life with her husband and children in America.

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Brief Information about family and Kids of Dorýs Madden

Julius Erving and Dory’s Madden
Image Credit: Getty Images

In the first place, Dorýs Madden is the wife of a celebrity. She is married to a famous retired basketball player. In other words, Dory is the wife of Julius Erving. However, Dory is the second wife of the basketball player. The couple dated for a while before tying the knot.
Furthermore, Dory was already a mother of two children before marrying. Julius was married to his first wife at the time of dating Dory. The name of Julius Erving first wife is Turquoise Erving.

Later on, he divorced Turquoise and married Dory. At present Julius and Dory have three children together. Their first child Jules was born before marriage. Jules Erving’s birth took place in the year 1998. He is also a basketball player like his father. Later on, in the year 2003 Dory and Julius gave birth to their second child. The name of the second child is Justin Erving. Further, Justin was born in the same year Julius divorced his second wife. Finally, the couple gave birth to a daughter. They named their daughter Juliette Erving. She is the only child of the couple who was born after marriage.

Apart from having three children with Dorýs Madden, Julius also has children from his first wife. Furthermore, he is also the father of Alexander Stevenson. Alexander was born to Julius and sportswriter Samantha Stevenson. However, the birth of Alexandra was kept a secret until 1999. At present, she is a successful tennis player.

A note on Dorýs Madden Husband and love life

As stated previously, Dorýs Madden is the wife of basketball player Julius Erving. Julius was considered one of the famous basketball players of his time. He was also popularly known as Dr J by his fans and teammates. Further, during his career Julius won many prestigious awards. Even today, Julius is popular in the NBA and ABA industries.

Furthermore, Julius Erving’s contribution to basketball is tremendous. A movie titled – “The doctor” was based on his life work and success in basketball. Lastly, Julius was considered as one of the top fifty players in history. Coming to his love life, Julius and Dory are living happily together. They met each other during the early 2000s. At the time of their meeting, the basketball player was married to his first wife. Further, the relationship between the couple took place in 2003. Later on, they gave birth to three beautiful children.

Furthermore, the couple Julius and Dory marriage took place in the year 2008. They tied the knot after five years of living together. Dory and Julius’ wedding ceremony was a private occasion. It took place in the presence of their family and friends. At present, the couple has been living together for nearly two decades. Dory and Julius live with each other and are leading a good life in America with their family.

What does Dory do for a living and her net worth?

Dory Madden Net Worth

Dorýs Madden is a successful businesswoman in America. Earlier she was working as a retailer for tobacco products. Apart from running her own business, she also helps her husband. Further, Dory is also involved in charity work. The net worth estimation of the couple is around 50 million dollars. The couple leads a luxurious and stylish life in America.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Julius Erving wife is Dorýs Madden. Further, Julius is a famous basketball player in America. The marriage of the couple took place in the year 2008. Furthermore, they have three children together. Currently, the couple is leading a happy and luxurious life in America.

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